Weekend and training

Sunday, February 10, and I have spent my day in a training hall with my youngest son, who was playing handball. Sunday will continue by watching Man Utd play Everton on the TV, which I look forward to since I am a day hard Utd-fan. Sunday evening I will play Floorball (Innebandy) with friends for an hour and that will be the start of my training for this new week. Last week was a big training week with 12 training sessions where I amongst other managed to run 60 Km (5 run-sessions), and do 5 MMA/Boxing sessions. My training load for the week was 11 hours, which is more than I usually average, but I manage to use my time in the best way and have a good balance between training, work and family-time. Also it may sound that I do nothing else than train, but it could not be further from the truth – which allows me to train these amount of hours is that I work close to home and do not need to commute to work, which saves time that other people send driving or else to get to work every day.

During the week the main discussion in the MMA-world has been about doping and TRT, and my view on this is that cheating is cheating and the worst is not that you cheating other, but instead that you are lying to yourself! If you manage to live with it what does it say about the type of person you are as an individual!

Next week I have already 2 MMA teaching-sessions planned, and I hope to be able to run at least 10Km/daily on my lunch breaks. Week 8 (in 2 weeks time) I’ll be going north with the family and enjoy one week of skiing, which I am looking forward to.

Keep training – and having fun while doing it!

Goals and hard training

It is now February 6th and it has been a few days since my last posting. The month has been good so far and the training has been focused on running since I have decided to run my first official run for the year, which also is my first real ”competition” in running in many years. It takes place in Stockholm, Sweden, and it is run on March 24th, with a lenght of 10 Km, and you can find the link here http://www.premiarmilen.se/start/content.cfm?Sec_ID=3290&Rac_ID=244&Lan_ID=1. I have been running for at least 10 Km each day (at lunch time) and I plan to see if I can run even faster with competition, which many people seem to think. I have never been interested in measuring myself against others and want mostly see if I can beat myself, and have fun while doing it. I have been having problems with my knees, but this has not affected my running so far, but it certainly affects me negatively when I play football and in strenght training (especially squatting). Anyway so far in the month I have trained twice daily consisting my morning session of boxing/thai (mostly shadow boxing), and my lunch session consists of running (at least 10 km) and strenght training (SuperSets and CrossFit).

Got to work – keep on training and have fun!

A good start to a new month – February 2013

I have been fighting a recurring flu that has been nagging me since the beginning of December. Anyway this morning I evaluated my January month, which has just ended. I was feeling a bit of this morning and did not train in the morning, even though I usually do that on Fridays, since later in the day on Fridays I usually lead a MMA striking class, which leaves me with less time for my training. I leave in a small town and today there was lack interest for my class and I decided to run 10 Km during lunchtime, which I did in about 70 min (not really record breaking time, but it was ok). Later today I will lead a conditioning class for Handball and Football (Soccer) players, and if I feel ok and there is place for me I may join in. The training will be built in form of stations where you work from 1-4 minutes before changing station. We go for an hour with mostly no rest other than to change station. The stations may be for example hitting a tire with a sledge hammer for 4 minutes, or barbell snatch combined with Sprawling for 2×1 minute of each for 4 minutes before changing to another station.

Got to go / have fun – training!

Training diary january end

I have just finished a month of training that amongst other things was marked by both a string of flu in the beginning of January and a ”bad” knee that started hurting by the mid of the month and it has been affecting my training. Anyway even though I was not completely healthy I always feel that I feel better both mentally and physically when I train.

My month (31 days) consisting of 32 trained hours with a mix of running (114 Km), MMA (consisting of drills, shadow and bag work and sparring), strength work (mostly consisting of Cross Fit similar way of training, meaning several functional exercises put together and executed without rest HIIT). The activities described before answer to about 80% of my training. The remaining 20% consist of Handball, Football (Soccer) and Floorball playing.

My weight has been consistent (average 12 months) around 83 Kg (1,81cm) and it is important to mention that I refuse to let diet run my life and eat anything I feel like. I am not a fat-junkie and stuff like chips and other high-fat foods are not often eaten since I do not enjoy these, but I love sugars – Ice Cream and chocolate are eaten mostly daily (with some measure) and I do not feel that these impact my training in a negative way. Maybe I could be lighter without these, but I would not be as happy and it is important for me to have a fun life. I love to train and I also love good food, and cooking is one of my main interests.

I have been considering a few challenges for the year and I am planning an inaugural run of 10 Km in the end of march (when the ice starts to melt) to kick start the year. I will also try to run a half-marathon later in the year and eventually a marathon, but that will depend on how my body reacts to all the running. These will be some of the challenges for the year, but I will also run some minor runs (up to 10 Km), and will see what else…

Have a nice day and I’ll write again soon


Training fun – Why?

I have trained all my life. As a kid I trained Martial Arts, surfed, played football (soccer), handboll, hockey (rollerblades), rugby and every other sport I could find. As an adult my love for sports continued and even though the amount of training I manage is adjusted around a life of work and activities with my family (wife and 2 kids) I usualy manage to train at least once daily. I am a few years short of 50 and I have not slowed down the amount of training, and my ambition have never been connected to competing with others, but instead competing with myself and continue improving in how I feel and perform. After the 40-barrier, and mostly due to the fact that I enjoy being home with the family when everybody else is training martial arts (read: MMA), I mostly changed my focus from MMA to running and other activites that I can perform on my own at my own schedule.

A few weeks ago my wife joked that I should write a blogg since training and fitness (including nutrition) has allways been one of my main interests and I help friends training for different events with advice around nutrition, strenght and conditioning or MMA-drills (mostly boxing and kick-boxing since those are my strenghts). I have been thinking about this and I have now decided to give it a try, but how often i update it will depend on available free time – so we’ll see how long this blogg will exist.

My intention is to mostly write in english (even though I also speak Swedish, Portuguese, Spanish and some Germany and French). I intend to conduct it as a diary, focused around my training activities, and if (god forbiden) anyone one day asks me a question I will try to answer it.

Just to make it clear my training activities nowadays are: MMA 3-4 times a week, Handboll (once a week), Innebandy (floorball) once a week and what i call mixed, which usualy consists of bag work, running and strenght & conditioning 3-5 times a week.